649 kr

Hård fena som passar bra för snabb rörelse genom vattnet. Passar bra för rugby


Stratos 3 is a durable, light and affordable fin, ideal for Diving Center use and laisure divers. A special finishing inside the foot pocket ensures high stability. Ergonomic Foot Pocket design with reinforced soft material that allowes great comfort. The fin has to be worn bare foot or with sock. a 3-materials side rib area that helps the blade flexing. The bending point has been moved backward. Benefits: more powerful kick with less efforts. New materials have been studied and developed, based on TPO (thermoplastic-olephinic rubber) to guarantee durability. The Blade is made of strong and elastic technopolimers. The blade has a 4-channel structure for a better water canalization along the blade. Side wings on the blade top enhances swim performance and stability. Rubber side ribs in customized Aqua Lung compounds gives very elastic, robust, resilient and anti-scratch structure to the blade.